Made in England


The Wildlyng wagon allows you to hitch up and escape the rat race.


No need to find electric hook up or disposal points.  The off grid technologies allow you the freedom to travel where you want.

The beautiful matt green exterior and green technologies allow you to reduce your visual and environmental impact on the countryside.

Incinerator Toilet

We are the first caravan manufacturer in the UK to install an incinerator toilet. This incinerator toilet generates no black waste, no nasty chemicals just sterile ash.

The Cinderella toilet

Other Off Grid Technology

  • 1kw of solar panels 24volt dc supply
  • 390 amp of battery power
  • Alde central heating system with heated towel rail and radiators. Provides thermostatically controlled heat and 13 litres of hot water
  • Cinderella Incinerator toilet
  • 24 volt dc fridge
  • 125 litre on board water tank

  • Tap